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RS 125 GP Replica

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GP Replica
GP Replica

RS 125 GP Replica

Technology: Power and control

When you climb aboard the Aprilia RS 125 GP Replica, you'll be greeted by a digital instrument panel chock-full of statistics and details to aid you in conquering any road or circuit. The fuel level indicator, instantaneous and average fuel usage, remaining miles, and much more are now easier to view and access while driving than ever before. You'll also appreciate a really athletic riding position, with the footpegs and handlebar positioned to give you complete control of the bike, and the clip-ons raised 18 mm for added comfort.


Engine: Beauty and the beast in a single package

The revolutionary liquid-cooled single cylinder engine with 4-valve distribution is engineered to get your adrenaline pounding like never before. It now has a more robust torque curve, with maximum power reaching lower revs and resulting in lower fuel consumption, thanks to its entirely overhauled thermodynamics. The redesigned heart of the Aprilia RS 125 GP Replica is Euro 5-compliant and gives exceptional performance without sacrificing the environment.

Chassis: Designed by Aprilia Racing

Diecast beams with crossing reinforcement ribs make up the body of the Aprilia RS 125 GP Replica. Its lightweight yet durable aluminium frame, which is the result of decades of Aprilia Racing Team experience, provides excellent handling and stability on the road and on the track. The asymmetrical swingarm's single shock and upside-down fork put the finishing touches to a chassis that is, in a word, breathtaking.


Design: A replica in name, original at heart

The new look of the Aprilia RS 125 is inspired by the current RS 660 and Tuono 660 models, which have a modern, dynamic, and extremely original appearance, accentuated by the triple headlight and magnificent aluminium frame, which are a nod to the world of racing. The GP Replica also includes Quick Shift electronic gear shifting, a passenger seat cover, and Aprilia MotoGP RS-GP graphics.