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RS 457

Welcome to the racing squad

Whether riding on the road or in between the track's curbs, the Aprilia RS 457 excites every rider thanks to its lightweight, easy-to-handle design and wealth of technology. The RS 457 really has the same power and grit as the iconic RS range, the supersport bike that changed the history of motorcycles.

RS 457

Prismatic Dark Opalescent Light Racing Stripes
Prismatic Dark

RS 457

Aggressive: A design so unique that it seems hand-drawn

The RS 457 is a smart and revolutionary vehicle that exudes elegance and aggression with its racing characteristics, such its 2-in-1 exhaust and front double fairing. The Racing Squad's bold identity is celebrated by the distinctive livery options, which combine refined materials with vibrant colours to create a look that exudes speed and prestige.

Are you prepared to get in the mood?


Exclusive: Lightweight and powerful: the perfect combo

The Aprilia RS 457 is a real sports bike with an unmatched power-to-weight ratio in the A2 segment, embodying the passion of any true racing enthusiast. This bike is designed for the fearless riders that are going to take the track by storm.

Welcome to the 457 generation, where every turn offers an opportunity to shine.

Racing: If you sense a shiver, it is not from the wind

Thanks to its parallel twin engine and robust chassis, the RS 457 offers the performance you'd expect from the next step up. It is agile, energetic, easy to ride, and uncompromising in terms of its sporting DNA. Selecting the RS 457 means deciding on the only bike in its class with an aluminium frame—the product of decades of track victories honing design expertise. The bike's weight has been distributed through the usage of the crankcase, which produces outstanding overall dynamic quality and riding satisfaction.