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RS 660

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RS 660

Winning spirit

The RS 660 builds on Aprilia's winning expertise to set new benchmarks in its class. With its lightweight aluminium frame and swingarm that optimise weight distribution, the top-of-the-line chassis delivers a really dynamic riding experience.


Simply breath taking

The RS 660 makes a splash wherever it goes with its sporty personality and contemporary lines, bringing Aprilia's winning track experience to the road. Its one-of-a-kind design results in a light, compact bike with elegant, nimble volumes. It's all about creating an enjoyable, pleasurable riding experience when it comes to delivering stability at high speeds.

Experience a new riding experience

The riding position has been meticulously developed to provide optimal front weight distribution and comfort on the road. A dynamic riding stance is created by the perfectly balanced saddle, foot pegs, and clip-on handlebars over the steering yoke. Add in a choice of five pre-programmed riding modes for various track and road conditions, and you've got yourself a recipe for a spectacular ride.


APRC system

The APRC system is an advanced electronic control solution that was originally created for use in racing and subsequently fine-tuned for use on the road. It's a complete package that ensures road safety while also improving performance on the racetrack. The Aprilia Performance Ride Control (APRC) suite of electronic controls is standard on the RS 660. Internal gyroscopes and acceleration sensors are used by this innovative inertial six-axis navigation system to analyse the engine's status as it pertains to the road in real time and make quick modifications to help increase performance and safety.