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RS 660 Extrema

£11,150 £11,900
Chequered Flag
Chequered Flag

RS 660 Extrema

Extra features, extra fun

The SC Project exhaust, coupled with a new lower fairing made of carbon fibre that was specifically created for this model and the front mudguard, which is also made of carbon fibre, are some of the important new features. And what happened? An astounding 3 kg less weight than the standard Aprilia RS 660. Reduced weight equals more enjoyable riding!


Racing spirit intensifies

A new standard is set by the Aprilia RS 660. The Extrema variant, which previously reinvented the medium-cylinder sports category, upends things once more by adding a second big dose of sports personality to the mix with a unique chequered flag paint and single seat cowl.

More than appearance alone

Reverse gear software, a terrific feature if you're not only concerned with aesthetics but are also searching for a true Race bike set-up, helps the Aprilia RS 660 Extrema step up the ante when it comes to technology.