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RSV4 1100

£16,600 £18,000
Silverstone Grey Sachsenring Black
Silverstone Grey


Performance: A winner in every sense

The Aprilia Racing Division's expertise, acquired and perfected on racetracks all over the world, finds a home in the RSV4, allowing riders to enjoy the same thrills as those who have sat behind the wheel of some of the world's most powerful motorcycles. With modern electronics, a Euro 5-engine, and a dynamic, aggressive look, the RSV4 is set to become the most sought bike for every self-respecting biker.


Technology: Lightweight yet powerful

The RR variant of the previous series had an Aprilia 1000-cc, 201-horsepower V4, whereas the new RSV4 and RSV4 Factory have a 1100cc engine. It's the world's first mass-produced high-performance narrow V 4-cylinder engine, as well as Aprilia's most powerful and revolutionary engine ever. This is a genuinely unique and outstanding bike, with its complete electronics system and compact, lightweight construction.

Chassis: Make yourself comfortable

The new RSV4's shape, inspired by the revolutionary RS 660, results in a much lower aerodynamic resistance coefficient and a noticeable increase in high-speed performance. Riders benefit from an 11% increase in air protection due to better isolation of the head and shoulders, while the frontal design increases air pressure on the airbox by 7%, resulting in improved engine performance.