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SR GT 200

£3,800 £4,050
Street Grey Asphalt Black
Street Grey

SR GT 200

Versatility: Sportiness that extends beyond appearances

With rough, unique lines, sporty finishing details, high-quality materials, and Italian style, the SR GT's sporting personality is obvious at a glance. The wide naked handlebar is pure motorcycle, but the double-cradle steel frame and notable suspension adjustment generate a ground clearance of only 175 mm, making it fast, agile, and unstoppable in the face of obstacles.


Dynamic personality: Every day is a new adventure.

With a 25-litre underseat storage that can store a complete helmet, the SR GT's look invites action and pleasure, but it's also ideal for commuting. A USB connector is also included in the rear plate of the leg shield, as well as a sophisticated LCD dashboard. If you add the Aprilia MIA option, you can link your phone to the handlebar controls through Bluetooth.


Sporting ergonomics: Control and precision

Reduced overhangs and tight, energetic lines emphasise the small design's sporting essence. The 9-litre gasoline tank is located in the central tunnel, making room for an ergonomic footwell with an external section that resembles off-roader protection. This puts you in a more forward and "active" riding position, but it also allows you to move your feet forward if you wish to ride more relaxed.


Urban spirit, sporty style

The Aprilia SR GT is a perfect combination of performance, technology that adapts to every environment, and an unmistakable look with motorcycle echoes. This courageous scooter is unafraid of cobblestones, tram tracks, potholes, and any other urban road problems, but it's equally at home on the wide road, with a range of roughly 350 kilometres thanks to its enormous 9-litre fuel tank capacity.