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SX 125

The new Aprilia SX is one of the most capable 125 motorcycles available. It's quick and light, and thanks to its new engine, it sets the bar for the entire category. It's an authentic Aprilia motorcycle that's been updated in terms of design and functionality and is ready to provide a fantastic riding experience.

SX 125

£3,400 £3,900
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SX 125


Aprilia introduces the Bosch ABS system with anti-rollover in this market sector, which ensures precision, absolute control in braking, and manages the rear wheel lifting during the most critical braking.



The Aprilia SX is fitted with advanced digital instruments. A travel logbook, as well as the ability to display maximum speed and mileage covered during riding sessions, are among the features of the multi-function dashboard.


The Aprilia SX rides on 17-inch spoked wheels with a broad channel and large sport tyres - 100/80-17" and 130/70-17" - for maximum grip in every situation.