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Tuono 125

Extraordinary emotions on two wheels

The new lightweight and dynamic Aprilia Tuono 125 is the perfect choice for young riders who are looking for great performance and a bold personality. Designed and built in Italy, its gritty design, superb chassis and powerful engine make this a true stand-out bike.

Tuono 125

£4,400 £4,650
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Tuono 125

Technology: Ergonomics and digital display

The Aprilia Tuono 125 has more power than ever before, but it doesn't compromise on comfort, with an ideal riding posture, fatigue-reducing pedals, and a handlebar that puts the rider in complete control of the bike.

The new digital display on the tiny, lightweight dashboard provides vital information such as fuel level, immediate and average usage, remaining miles, and more. The dual-channel ABS, which was developed in partnership with Bosch to boost stability and grip on curves, is also new.


Engine: A heart ready to roar

The new Aprilia Tuono 125's thermodynamics have been substantially revised. The beating heart is a Euro 5-compliant, 4-valve distribution, liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine with a more robust torque curve and maximum power at lower rpm, resulting in lower fuel consumption. The electronic management provided by the new Marelli MIUG 4 ECU improves performance even more.

Chassis: A chassis that is unrivalled in the industry.

The Aprilia Tuono 125 is the consequence of Aprilia Racing's extensive track expertise and success, with ten World Championship riders, ten manufacturer crowns, and 151 victories in the 125 class alone. The exceptional aluminium frame, made of diecast beams with crossing reinforcement ribs for a lightweight structure that gives superb handling and stability on the road and track, demonstrates this competence. The asymmetrical swingarm's single shock and upside-down fork put the finishing touches to a chassis that is, in a word, breathtaking.


Design: More alive than ever before

The powerful, clearly original look of the Aprilia Tuono 125 is inspired by the current RS 660 and Tuono 660, as evidenced in the complete LED illumination and the trademark triple headlight. The bike's aluminium frame, engine, footrest, and fork plates are all painted in high-quality paint, and the front end is now more compact, giving it a sportier, more streamlined appearance.