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Tuono 660 Factory

£9,250 £10,000
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Tuono 660 Factory

Performance: A powerful statement on the road

The Tuono 660 Factory's maximum power is increased from 95 to 100 hp, compared to the Tuono 660's 95 hp. Due to the use of a shorter final drive, with a 16-tooth pinion gear, the engine has even greater drive during acceleration than the Tuono 660. Note that it is not available in a depowered version compatible with an A2 licence.


Chassis: It's light in weight, but it packs a punch in terms of performance.

The Tuono 660 Factory edition has a better weight-to-power ratio, thanks to a new lightweight lithium battery that helps to reduce overall weight by about 2 kg, lowering the kerb weight to 181 kg. When you combine this with completely adjustable front and rear suspension, you have a very efficient bike that is difficult to resist.

Design: A bolder, badder Tuono

With a built-in fairing, the Aprilia Nakeds' secret weapon, the Tuono 660 Factory lives up to its name, providing superior protection and a more reactive, dynamic ride. Factory Dark graphics and a single-seat tail fairing in black and red, as well as the passenger seat and foot pegs, add a sporty touch.